My Name is Phillip Brown with Chess Credit Solutions. Chad you conducted a zoom Demo on your CRM a couple of days back. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule and going over your software with me and my team in great detail. Your presentation made it clear to me that the CRM’s we’ve used in the past just doesn’t compare to the Dispute Suites capabilities. As a business owner, all we want are streamlined processes to complete simple tasks effectively and efficiently and I believe your software will provide just that. Also, fellas I would like to commend your staff for making me feel comfortable in my transition to Mirku. For starters, Kahlil is a talented young man. We played a bit of phone tag initially, but when our schedules finally worked out for us to speak, I was eventually impressed as he didn’t try to sell me any products and/or services. Kahlil was more concerned with my needs as a owner of a credit repair and financial empowerment company and once those pain points were uncovered he assured me that your company had solutions that would take my company to the next level. He conducted himself as a professional and at no point did he give me any reason to doubt anything we were discussing. We need more guys like him in corporate america. Then we go to Old Man Gene. What a pleasure to speak with. Very knowledgeable not only on how your company will move us in the right direction, but also schooling me on the credit industry. I’ve probably learned more valuable information regarding credit on our few calls with him than any credit training with a certification attached to it. I’m very impressed guys and while I’m still putting the initial investment together to join your team, I am overly excited on solidifying our partnership. Thanks for the wonderful experience!!!