We Are Mirku

Jaimie Madison

Customer Support Concierge


In a dozen ways or more, Mirku’s very own Jaimie Madison is one tough cookie to behold. She may strike you as the average natural born go-getter, loyal, loving, kind and strong, but make no mistake, Jaimie is as unrelentingly inquisitive, feisty and curious as she can when needed.

Constantly craving growth and success, Jaimie prides herself in gaining accomplishments, setting goals on fire, and ultimately crushing every single one, every day. She is strong, extremely loyal, and always looks back to her faith, family and friends for the triumphs and victories she has credited herself with throughout the years.

Jaimie sees herself as someone who will continue to encourage others and drive them to be the best possible version of themselves. She is the person you can talk to when you feel somewhat lost and life has become devoid of meaning or purpose. She strives to be that “safe place” for everyone in her life, spreading joy and positivity through the little things that matter.

The best cookies are usually rough on the edges until you bite into one, and then suddenly everything feels just right. That’s Jaimie for you and everyone here on Mirku.