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Discover the power of Mirku’s proprietary features that give you unparalleled insight into your client base and customer journey. Our highly customizable software offers robust solutions to your everyday business needs, including automated systems for communication and customer intake. With our Custom Development program, your ideas and input can drive the evolution of our software, offering limitless potential for growth and development. Let your imagination be the only limitation with Mirku.


2-Way SMS Communication

Streamline communication with clients using Mirku’s 2-Way SMS messaging feature. Save time by sending automated SMS messages directly from your account dashboard. Inbound messages are also stored and displayed in your dashboard for easy access. With this feature, you can engage in conversational marketing with your audience, rather than just advertising to them.



Mirku Feature Highlights

Setting The New Standard in Secure Web-Based CRM


Merchant Advisory

Merchant Accounts can be very difficult to acquire and maintain, depending on your industry. Fortunately, our executive team has worked in some of the most challenging verticals and can help you navigate this rough terrain.


Custom Website Development

Is your current Web host not meeting your needs? With hosting by Mirku, we will take your website to the bleeding edge! Whether you care about speed, integration, processing, or a slick design: let our development experts make the website of your dreams a reality!


Workflow Engine Automation

The biggest roadblocks to organizational growth are confusion and clutter. Quit wasting time looking for what you need and let our bespoke workflows meld to your specific set of needs, allowing you to focus on what really matters most…growing your business.


World’s Friendliest API

Mirku application programming interface (API) is unique in that we’ve designed it (and continue to update it) so that it actually does play nice with all of your desired integrations. Smooth, simple, and sleek.


World’s Best ESP/SMS

The hidden jewel in Mirku’s prize collection, our Email Service Provider beats ALL of the big name competition when it comes to actual hygiene and inboxing. Meanwhile, our 2-Way SMS opens the door to fully automated CONVERSION…not just communication 😉


Mirku Connect Marketing Management

Does managing your marketing have you running in circles? No more! With Mirku Connect, let our specialty marketing platform manager run all your social media accounts, advertising campaigns, listings etc in one place! Schedule posts, respond to reviews, and even manage the content of your website! Ask us about this exciting new feature today!