About Us

The history of our platform

With our help, your business has the freedom to optimally impact your industry, and best serve your valued customer

Mirku began as a meeting of the minds of trend-setters, innovators, and those with a passion for the bleeding edge of business technology. Our employees are united by the journey towards a common goal: alleviating YOUR business stress by creating an affordable, enterprising and robust software application, so you can invest your time in what’s really important – growing your business. Whatever you do, Mirku does it for you!


More than just a platform for automation

Our passion to build the pillars of tomorrow’s businesses today drives Mirku to not just level the playing field, but revolutionize it. With an unmatched level of talent, our team is dedicated to meeting and exceeding your software needs. When your business is standing out, there can be no room for mediocrity: let us help you realize your potential to become an original, a trendsetter, a new classic.

Our focus is providing you with the right tools, right when you need them

Our focus is providing you with the right tools, right when you need them. By giving the tools to the right people, your business can shape the world of tomorrow. We commit to empower individuals and organizations to write their own stories of achievement and success, within the context of their own unique situation, experiences and values.


Growing standard in secure, web-based CRM platforms

Mirku is the growing standard in secure, web-based CRM platforms, because we work to unshackle rising startups. To free small and medium enterprises from the trappings of the day to day, from being bogged down by traditional business technology.


Human enterprise that uses technology

Mirku is a human enterprise that uses technology to solve YOUR business problems, that help you help REAL customers. More than just business solutions, Mirku provides unparalleled support, and service that guarantees client satisfaction.


We understand the importance of your Economy of Time

At Mirku we aim to do more by giving you unmatched insight into your client base, customer journey, and all aspects of your web presence. With our proprietary Mirku Connect system you can harness the true potential of your website and social media platforms, all in one place!

So what can Mirku Do for You?

Our service is limited only by your imagination. Wherever you want to lead your business, we will help you to carve the path: whether that be through business innovation, efficient processes, and customer communication. Our goal is to make your business woes a thing of the past! When you use our platform, you are our family – and we never let our family down. Since 2017, Mirku has grown exponentially by helping your business grow in turn. At Mirku, you are our greatest asset.