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  1. Click on the Workflows Tab and select “Add Workflow” to begin
  2. You will give the Workflow a name
  3. Choose contact type “All Contact Types”
  4. Select your custom category or select “Add New” on the dropdown menu to create one now
  5. Decide if you would like your workflow to start manually or automatically. For this workflow, we are choosing to start when the “Contact Type” is “Customer” TIP: It is recommended that you leave your workflow on manual mode until it has been tested.
  6. Select “Start Building”
  7. Click Milestone to begin building the workflow framework (Renaming the Milestone is optional)
  8. Click “Add Step”
  9. Give your step a name
  10. Decide how you want your step to start or the trigger inside of the system that starts sending actions. An easy option is to select “When the Workflow is Started;” however, you can select any step start option that makes sense for your flow
  11. Next decide when this workflow will be completed. Again, you can choose any option that makes sense for your process flow, but an easy option is to select “When all actions are finished”
  12. You can also choose to delay the steps any number of days and a few other easy to personalize options
  13. Be sure to hit “Save”
  14. Click, “No Actions” to create and schedule the welcome email
  15. Click the (+) plus sign next to “Action will run when step is in progress” then select “Send Email” from the list of options
  16. If you have already written the welcome email, you can hit “select” to choose from the list of workflow emails and proceed to step #19.
  17. If you have not already written the welcome email, click “create” and begin writing the email.
  18. Use the Personalize dropdown menu while creating the email to auto-insert important information from the contact record into the email. For example, under the “Customer Details” section there are options for the portal username & portal password. TIP: The Customer & Affiliate portal URL is
  19. After choosing the email from the “select” dropdown menu, you can decide if you would like to delay the action any number of days or just send the email right away
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