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  1. To connect your payment processor to your DisputeSuite account click on the Admin Tab, then select “Payment Processor” under the “Billing Configuration” options on the left hand side
  2. Select the blue “Add New Payment Processor” button
  3. Choose your payment processor from the drop down menu; if your processor is not listed, please email for assistance
  4. Add the required details (which slightly differ for each payment processor)
  5. When finished adding the information, be sure to change “Test Mode” from “True” to “False” (meaning “false” this is NOT a test”
  6. Be sure to hit Save at the bottom before exiting the payment processor options
  7. Before you can begin creating invoices for your clients, you must also list your products and services inside the system. To do this, select “Products / Services” under the “Billing Configuration” options on the left hand side
  8. Select “Add New Product / Service”
  9. Select the type of product/service from the drop down menu, then list any specific information for the item like price, description, and assigning a specific payment processor if necessary
  10. Be sure to hit “Save”
  11. You will now be able to select that product/service while creating invoices for your customers and the information will populate automatically onto the invoice
  12. See Billing Training for additional billing instructions
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