We Are Mirku

Manny Negron

Customer Support Concierge


Emanuel Akil Negron, or simply “Manny” to the favored few who share the same gusto for craft beer and heavy metal, is Customer Support Concierge at Mirku.

Manny is always on a journey of constant improvement, confidence and mental stamina. In his own words, he describes himself as “a creator motivated by the act of doing”. He aspires for creative freedom in everything he does and this creator adores designing and building stuff, fixing things up and solving problems.

Manny draws inspiration from his love of family. He looks up to his father as the hardest working man he knows and the strongest influence in his life. Manny is a stern believer of tough love, yet indiscriminately cares for everyone. Whenever he can, he gives without asking for anything in return.

Not one to shy away from failures, Manny lives, breathes, and shines through every defining moment in this lifetime. In this journey, he has worn different hats getting to exactly where he wants to be.

An amazing human being who nurtures success through constant growth as a person who puts others needs before his own. Oh and yes, he also teleports.