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Jeff Revels

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Mirku’s Jeff Revels is a man guided by a simple creed: To live life by his own terms and nobody else’s. Spoken like the true veteran he is, Jeff came to a life defining moment 17 years ago when he shifted careers, drastically embracing everything life has to offer instead of simply existing.

Jeff may strike you as a man of few words, this is because he admonishes the power of silence and calm. He carefully listens, observes, and thinks rationally before making his move, and at all times, Jeff’s move always makes the count.

To say that Jeff is a solution finder would be an understatement. He is an Airbender who controls the atmosphere around him, influences decisions and bends it to his will by being innately humble, generous, and respectful all the time.

Meet Jeff Revels, Mirku’s very own resident ninja.