We Are Mirku

Craig Toby

Sales at Mirku


When you’ve carved a career out of working in a hotel sales department for some odd number of years, decide on relocating to Florida barely weeks into your fifties, then you must know that there are always good days and bad days.

For someone with a champagne taste on a beer budget like Craig Toby, it’s all a matter of perception. Sometimes a bad day is the byproduct of the environment you are in, or just a streaming flow of negative energy that surrounds you all day, perhaps it’s not too sunny.

What’s important is how you get yourself through the day, because in that truth alone, you have made yourself tru;y accomplished.

For someone who continues to successfully represent the most robust, customizable, and competitive Customer Management System available today, Craig takes heart in finding answers and basking in the finer things in life by making money work for him and sharing this secret generously with everyone.

At Mirku, perception matters and no one knows this better than Craig Toby.