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Mirku DS Computer CRM

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Mirku affords you unparalleled insight into your client base and customer journey via countless proprietary features.

Mirku’s robust and highly-customizable technology makes it quick and easy to streamline your customer communication and automated workflows.

With custom development options that know no bounds, the limits of what Mirku can do for you are limited only by your imagination and business ambitions.
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2-Way SMS Communication

Communicate with clients efficiently:
Send automated 2-Way SMS messages to your clients and save tons of time
Inbound messages are displayed and stored right in your account dashboard for easy access
Deliver conversational style marketing messages with your audience, instead of just trying to advertise to them
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Cell phone that displays a text about an update through the CRM

Speak & Sign

This revolutionary feature allows you to collect voice signatures right over the phone. Boosts collected revenues up to 30% on contact!
The most seamless and quick way to capture a legal signed agreement for your customer, Which means you get to charge them sooner!
30% increase in revenue by allowing the client to sign the agreement right over the phone.
20-40x ROI per VoiceSignature!
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Setting The New Standard in Secure Web-Based CRM