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John May

Sales at Mirku

Fast. The one word that best describes John May in both the water and on his bike. Perhaps owing to the fact that he always loves pushing beyond his own personal limits, and being intrinsically highly competitive as an individual.

Seeing past his failures in lightning speed and getting back up in break neck speed is no ordinary feat. John May has done just that in a career spanning a decade in sales and marketing. Embracing change and encouraging growth is his personal motivation, seeking to impact lives that he comes across with along his journey.

Because John believes that every interaction with someone else is an opportunity to make that someone's life a little better. Throwing in a pun, a compliment, or any small act of kindness can have a resonating and exponential effect that dents the universe in very mysterious ways.

Wisdom at the speed of light. Only from John May at Mirku.

Email: johnmay@disputesuite.com

Phone: (813) 308-2444